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Start Your React.JS & Blockchain Journey

Master blockchain technology with our guidance. Learn React framework and combine it with Metaverse and NFT Space using our resources. Join us to gain an upper hand in this ever-evolving industry.

Future of The Web

Why Blockchain Development ?

Because it is the future of the web and the finance system.

World-Wide Jobs

Discover your dream job no matter where you are with remote work.

Future Technologies

You will be part of a generation that has the potential to create a better tomorrow,

High Demand

The rise of blockchain has brought about an abundance of job opportunities in the industry.

Skilled Experts

Based on current market demands, we have noticed a shortage of skilled experts in blockchain.

About Us

Learn with passion to live with purpose.

USTech Academy is an online school that has skilled teachers who work in the Blockchain industry and manage large projects. We provide an engaging learning experience to help you reach your potential. Our Blockchain courses are designed to help working professionals gain new skills, improve old ones, or start a new career.


Our Programs

We’re excited to offer our programs that will help you take your career to the next level. Our courses are tailored to provide a solid foundation even if you’re starting from scratch.

React | Blockchain Developer & Blockchain Consultant Bootcamp

Embrace the endless possibilities of the amazing field of blockchain

USTeen Coding School

Code Your Future Shape Your Destiny with our programs

Code Your Future, Shape Your Destiny

Usteen Cyber Security & Game Development Programs

USTeen Coding School is designed for 12-18 teenagers.

Our Cyber Security Fundamentals and Game Development with Python programs will run simultaneously between the 21st of October 2023 and the 9th of June 2024.

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Engaging Learning system

The course offer students the opportunity to customize their learning experience and achieve academic excellence.

Flipped Learning

Pre-Class, In-Class, Post Class learning


Kahoot supported quizzes

LMS Supported Training

Always-on access to educational content

Experineced Staff

Our Instructors are experts in their fields.

Unique Content

The most comprehensive blockchain course curriculum in the world.

Career Management System

Dedicated After Course Support to find your dream job.


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